180 Students Gather for Multimedia Presentation on the Muslim Experience Post 9-11

CAIR-Chicago’s Outreach Coordinator, Dina Rehab, and Outreach Intern, Tamer Abouzeid, conducted an interactive multimedia presentation on the Muslim Experience Post 9-11 at a Chicago High School last Friday. Over the course of 3 class periods, approximately 180 students ranging from freshmen to seniors gathered in Englewood High School’s auditorium for the discussion.

“Some of the perceptions harbored by students are wide off the mark,” Dina Rehab said. “On the other hand, students showed an eagerness to learn and a willingness to reshape their views as eye-opening facts are presented to them”. “When it comes to building a cohesive society that rises above fear and suspicion of the other, dialog and education are the best policies,” Dina concluded. “We try to make the educational process fun yet relevant,” Abouzeid added.

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