Incitement Watch: Rush Says Quran Isn’t Cool


RUSH: Here’s a story from the News & Record. This is just mind-boggling. Greensboro, North Carolina. “The decision by local court officials to deny the use of the Quran for oaths has garnered national media attention and the scrutiny of a Washington-based Islamic civil rights group. Officials with the Council on American-Islamic Relations said Tuesday that statements by Guilford County’s top judge seem to endorse a particular religion and could be a violation of the U.S. Constitution. Guilford Senior Resident Superior Court Judge W. Douglas Albright told the News & Record last week that an oath taken on the Quran is not a lawful oath under state law. The law refers to laying one’s hand on the ‘Holy Scriptures.’ ‘Everybody understands what the holy scriptures are,’ Albright said then. ‘If they don’t, we’re in a mess.'” So the counsel on Islamic American relations is upset claiming this is a violation of the US Constitution. (MORE)

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