CAIR-Chicago Meets with Representatives from Local US Attorney, FBI and DHS

CAIR-Chicago Executive Director, Yaser Tabbara, along with a number of Muslim community leaders, met Tuesday, September 13, 2005 with representatives from the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, and local FBI and DHS officials.

The parties discussed ways in which the Chicago FBI and local DHS officials can continue to improve relationships with the Chicago Muslim community.

A number of specific issues were presented by CAIR-Chicago and other attendees; among the issues discussed were delays in the citizenship process being experienced by area Muslims. Representatives of DHS and USCIS will soon meet with CAIR-Chicago to discuss this issue in greater detail. FBI officials also expressed desire to reach out to the Muslim community by conducting various educational seminars on hate crimes and other issues facing the community. The community representatives in attendance responded that they encourage members of their communities to fully cooperate with the FBI and other governmental officials.

Other issues, which were presented to the FBI and DHS representatives, included issues of police misconduct, and other specific incidents that were experienced by a number of Muslim immigrants at O’Hare international airport. FBI and DHS officials agreed to address each of the specific concerns and offered to follow-up with a number of them.

Yaser Tabbara emphasized the need for Muslim Americans to exercise their legal rights and stressed the need for open channels of communication and dialogue between the Muslim community and the governmental agencies represented, as well as the importance of creating real solutions to the issues facing the Muslim community. The meeting concluded with an open ended invitation by CAIR-Chicago and others present for more outreach by the government to the Chicago Muslim community and plans for a follow up meeting discussing certain issues in greater detail.

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