Time to Retire the One-Sided Reporting

Response to Chicago Sun-Times’ “Al-Qaida Set to Infiltrate Gaza: Israeli Security Chief”
In the article, “Al-Qaida Set to Infiltrate Gaza: Israeli Security Chief,” it states the fear of Israel security chief, Yuval Diskin, in relation to al-Qaida finding their way into Israel. With no proof of such a thing occurring, it is hard to believe that this is truly a threat to the Israeli people. The Israeli government’s relentless efforts to connect their problems to those of the Unite States through rhetoric are unconvincing. The last thing the security chief should be concerned with is al-Qaida, when their issues and violence coming from both Palestinian and Israeli efforts are plaguing the country.

Without dialogue with any representative from the Palestinian Authority in the article, it is easy to view the Israelis as the victim and never the culprit. Instead of always pointing fingers, it is important for the Israeli government to take responsibility for their own actions. Since the pull-out of the settlements in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli government has issued the order of Palestinian land to extend a fence with barbed wire, which will separate Israeli settlements from Palestinian land in the Gaza Strip. This fence will once again inhibit the travel of many innocent Palestinians, making everyday tasks such as going to and from work a day-long journey—stories rarely printed in mainstream media. Logically, the Israeli government should take it into consideration that such treatment and unjust actions could possibly provoke more violence on the Palestinian side. Overall, the one-sided reporting and photographs of a very small minority of Palestinians carrying big guns with savage-like faces are getting old.