A Lack of Respect for Muslim Efforts

Response to Chicago Sun-Times’ “Our Failings Encourage Islamic Radicalism”

Since September 11, 2001 Muslim community leaders and activists have been working relentlessly to help non-Muslims understand Islam. Muslim leaders have made countless television and conference appearances explaining that acts of violence and terrorism are not permitted by the religion, and it is unfortunate that there seems to be a vast amount of people who are ignoring that Muslims do take these issues seriously. When requests such as, “what we are asking is that they should condemn manifest crimes and not surrender to the temptation to ignore or downplay them because they are committed by “their” religious or civilizational team”, are made it makes all the efforts of Muslims around the world go in vain.

How can Muslims not take the slandering and the distorted view of their religion seriously? Many Muslim leaders have denounced the ideology that exploits Islam for political ends, something President Bush has failed to acknowledge. Terrorism is alive in all countries by people of all religious backgrounds; it is not a Muslim issue, and it should be addressed in a non-secular manner by all governments. Islam as much a Christianity or any other religion does not promote violence or hate, and the requests coming from government officials to Muslim leaders are empty and just goes to show that they are not paying attention to the great efforts being put forth by Muslims.