CAIR-Chicago Joins Imam W.D. Mohammed in Address to Chicago Muslims

CAIR-Chicago Executive Director, Yaser Tabbara, and Director of Communications, Ahmed Rehab, addressed the “Mosque Cares” congregation after the Friday sermon and prayer in Homewood, IL, last Friday.

Imam W. D. Mohammed, Founder of Mosque Cares, introduced the two who spoke about CAIR-Chicago’s mission statement and its services.

“CAIR-Chicago is just one of many expressions of the ‘new Muslim rising’ that Imam W.D. Mohammed spoke about in his address to you,” said Rehab to the audience who exceeded a thousand. “There are those who are working fulltime to discredit Islam and Muslims, they have the serious resources and commitment. We too need an organization that can depend on fulltime commitment and resources if we are to fight bigotry and ignorance and stand up for our rights.”

“We are not only here to make an occassional announcement,” said Tabbara, “We are interested in systemizing our outreach to this great community and permanently availing our services to you. We are interested in knowing the leaders and activists of your community and working with them closely.”

Imam W.D. Mohammed praised CAIR-Chicago for its work and its contributions to Chicago’s Muslim communities.

The Mosque Cares congregation is predominantly composed of African-American Sunni Muslims who, under the leadership of Imam W.D. Mohammed, have managed to forge a model American Muslim community that practices and preaches a healthy interpretation of Islam, one that calls for embracing science, local business, community activism, and spiritual conciousness in word and action.

CAIR had awarded Imam W.D Mohammed with a lifetime achievement award a few weeks back.

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