Prison Project Underway

Prison Project

CAIR-Chicago’s Civil Rights Department has launched a Prison Project, being coordinated by civil rights intern, Mariyam Hussain.

This Prison Project looks to (1) secure the rights of Muslim inmates to practice their religion freely, and (2) to ensure inmates are treated humanely.

Hussain is currently in contact with other organizations’ prison projects, and with inmates that have filed complaints with CAIR-Chicago, such as the one below:

An incarcerated Muslim man is being continuously harassed, humiliated, and mistreated by prison authorities. The mistreatment includes being deprived of much needed medical treatment and medicine and being placed into solitary confinement for months at a time.

This prison project is hoped to resolve the discrimination issues faced by Muslim inmates and to ensure that they receive fair treatment while incarcerated.

This will be an ongoing project. For any questions, please contact Civil Rights Coordinator, Christina Abraham, at

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