CAIR-Chicago Files Complaint Alleging Bias Against Administrative Law Judge

CAIR-Chicago filed a complaint alleging bias against an Administrative Law Judge. The complaint came as a result of the Administrative Law Judge’s inappropriate conduct toward the family of a victim of sexual molestation.

The actions, occurrences, and demeanor of the Judge were discriminatory, bigoted, and offensive. The purpose of the hearing was to determine the issue of child molestation and sexual molestation of which the appellant was charged, and for which the victim’s family provided. The issue was not why the Complainant sought asylum, or what conditions the Complainant experienced in her home country, or what the immigration status of the Complainant was at the time she married the Appellant. The Judge’s inappropriate absorption in the immigration status and the conditions which led the victim’s family to leave their home country resulted in essentially the disregard of the real issue of whether the Appellant’s charge for sexual molestation should be expunged based on the evidence and testimonies presented.

CAIR-Chicago will continue to monitor the situation and will seek to collaborate with the Chief Administrative Law Judge in order to implement a positive resolution.

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