Kirk’s Comment Not OK

Response to Chicago Sun-Times’ “Kirk’s Comment A-OK”

Its amazing how people are willing to support leaders willing to trample over the basic rights of life and liberty this country was founded on. Racial profiling would not only be ineffective in eliminating crime, but will also further alienate the 7 million and growing population of Muslims in this country. When Pat Robertson said to kill Hugo Chavez, we didn’tgo out and say lets racially profile all evangelical Christians. No, we denounced the man responsible for those comments.

What the Council of American Islamic Relations is promoting is that the overwhelming majority Muslims are just like any other normal American. We got to school, work, and even go to the United Center to enjoy sports just like everyone else. What people like Bernadine Brown don’t realize is the same “scum” you believe drove those planes into “our” buildings also happen to work in them (and be normal members of our society). How about Tariq Amanullah, worked in the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Loving father of two, a devout Muslim of Pakistani descent he too was a victim of this tragedy. Maybe if we all weren’t so afraid to get out our comfort zones and reach out to people different from us, the world might just be a better place.


Omar Hasan
Undergraduate Student
Northwestern Universty