CAIR-Chicago Resolves Complaint of Discrimination Against a Local University

Maaria Mozaffar, CAIR-Chicago’s Legal Advisor met with several representatives from a local university, including the Head of the Chemistry Department, faculty members of the Department, the Dean of Students and members of the Office of Equity and Access to resolve an issue of discrimination involving a Muslim undergraduate student. The student was not allowed to turn in her final exam because she was wearing a Muslim face veil (Niqab) at the time, as well as on the photo of her School ID. At the time of the incident, the student offered to verify her identity to a female Teacher’s Assistant, but the professor refused. The group met to resolve issues of discrimination and plans to avoid such instances in the future. CAIR-Chicago urged the need for sensitivity training within the department.

CAIR-Chicago, the Chemistry Department, and the Office of Equity and Access are still working on a plan to hold a sensitivity training, while the issue with the undergraduate student and her grade was resolved.

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