CAIR-Chicago's Digest on the Prophet Cartoons

The Danish Cartoons insulting the Prophet Muhammad have commanded world headlines for the past few weeks. Below is a digest of CAIR-Chicago’s community and media activism in response to this controversy:

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Press Conference Photos
February 18, 2006

CAIR-Chicago Ahmed Rehab’s Dialogue with the Chicago Tribune’s Eriz Zorn – Part 2
February 22, 2006

CAIR-Chicago Ahmed Rehab’s Dialogue with the Chicago Tribune’s Eriz Zorn
February 22, 2006

Chicago Tribune: Islamic group tackles cartoon controversy
February 19, 2006

Chicago Tribune: Muhammad topic of campaign
February 19, 2006

Daily Herald: Calm forum on issue steeped in violence
February 19, 2006

Chicago Tribune: Debate heats up about Muhammad cartoons on campus
February 16, 2006

Chicago Tribune: NIU newspaper latest to join fray over Danish cartoons
February 15, 2006

Daily Illini: Quad rally denounces hate
February 15, 2006

Chicago Tribune: Paper apologizes after cartoon flap
February 14, 2006

Daily Illini: Controversial cartoons spark debate at U. Illinois
February 13, 2006

Chicago Tribune: From Morton Grove, a call for calm in wake of a Muslim storm
February 11, 2006

Chicago Tribune: The perspective of a Western Muslim
February 9, 2006

Chicago Tribune: Ahmed Rehab on the Rusty Humphries Show: Addressing the Cartoon Issue and Muslims in America
February 8, 2006

KKMS AM 980 Minnesota: Ahmed Rehab Takes on Randall Terry on Cartoon Controversy
February 7, 2006

Chicago Tribune: Anti-cartoon riots ignite in Beirut
February 6, 2006

Chicago Tribune: How cartoons sparked violence
February 6, 2006

Daily Herald: ‘Islamaphobia is replacing anti-Semitism’
February 3, 2006

Chicago Public Radio: Yaser Tabbara Comments on Cartoon Controversy
February 3, 2006


CAIR-Chicago Communications Director to Give Khuthba At DePaul University
February 24, 2006

CAIR-Chicago Director of Communications to address Legal and Logical Considerations of the Prophet Cartoons
February 21, 2006

Director of Communications to address UIUC Cartoon Controversy Forum
February 14, 2006

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