CAIR’s ‘Explore the Quran’ Campaign

CAIR’s ‘Explore the Quran’ Campaign

More than 26,000 people have already requested FREE copies of the Quran through CAIR’s “Explore the Quran” campaign. To SPONSOR or OBTAIN a Quran, go to:


Letter of Thanks from a Quran Recipient

“Thank you for my copy of the Qur’an. I have never held one before. The sheer weight demands respect. It is much bigger than just a copy of a sacred document. The introduction and explanation of the Arabic language are very valuable in setting the stage for reading. The parallel presentation of English and Arabic languages is appreciated. The Study Commentary at the bottom of each page is useful too. I am a Christian and I use a study bible so this presentation is comfortable for me.

“To say the actual text is special is an understatement. I know from my beginning studies so far that it is understood to be a Holy and reverent document. I am treating it with respect and appreciate the fact that someone somewhere made a donation so that I can begin to understand the Islamic Faith. I want to get some kind of a mental picture of what this special faith is about. So many people in the world embrace it so it must have great value for them. I want to understand the attraction. I do not plan to change faiths but want to understand my fellow human beings.”

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