CAIR-Chicago Conducts Sensitivity Training for Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officers

CAIR-Chicago conducted sensitivity training for approximately 30 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers and administrators in Chicago.

CAIR-Chicago’s presentation focused on basic Islamic beliefs and practices, including discussion of misconceptions about the concept of Jihad and the religious attire of Muslim women.

“Both sessions were a great opportunity to address a lot of common misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. It was nice to see ICE officers asking questions about certain issues that come up and how they can better accommodate Muslims in non-emergency situations. It is very important that any law enforcement officer be educated about the communities they interact with on a daily basis,” said Christina Abraham, Civil Rights Coordinator of CAIR-Chicago.

The session was a proactive effort to familiarize ICE officers with Islam. Presenting to the officers were Civil Rights Coordinator, Christina Abraham and Prison Project Coordinator Mariyam Hussain.

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