CAIR-Chicago's "Arlington Heights Hijab Case" Media Digest

This week CAIR-Chicago conducted a large scale mobilization effort to protect the civil rights of a Muslim-American activist. Ms. Rehana Khan was taken into custody by Arlington Heights Police Officers after demonstrating at a rally that proposed immigration reform in a racist manner.

In the process of being arrested, Ms. Khan suffered a violation of her civil rights when an Arlington Heights Police Officer inappropriately took her hijab off in public, allowing her to be exposed in a manner inconsistent with her religious rights and beliefs. CAIR-Chicago sought to bring media attention to this case, and urged citizens to call the Arlington Heights Mayor and State Attorney’s Office to voice their disapproval over Ms. Khan’s arrest while calling for her case to be dismissed.

Below is a list of links from various media outlets, highlighting the case details and issues that CAIR-Chicago sought to bring to the public eye in the interest of Ms. Khan and all Muslims who reside in the United States:





Tonight`s “Under the Radar” segment comes to us from Arlington Heights, Illinois. That`s where a 24-year-old Muslim woman, Rehana Khan, says police violated her religious principles by removing her head scarf after arresting her for battery, to which she later pled guilty.

Officials deny wrongdoing, saying cops followed standard procedures. My next guest says the police actions were akin to ripping off her blouse, creating, quote, “a state of forced nudity”.

Ahmed Rehab is the spokesman for the Council on American Islamic Relations. He joins us tonight from Chicago.

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