Encourage Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the Senate

Last year, the United States House of Representatives passed enforcement heavy immigration reform legislation, HR 4437, which seeks to:

  • Criminalize both, undocumented individuals and those who work to give them any aid, essentially criminalizing doctors, lawyers, teachers and religious figures
  • Limit judicial review for immigration and deportation cases
  • Give low level and local law enforcement authority to enforce immigration laws
  • Permit indefinite detention of accused persons
  • And many more alarming provisions

Two bills are currently being considered in the Senate: Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s bill, S 2454, which is enforcement heavy and reinforces provisions from HR 4437 and an alternative to this bill that:

  • Allows an earned path to legalization for immigrants through working, paying taxes, and learning English
  • Measures that regulate wages and working conditions to protect workers from exploitation
  • A way to keep families together
  • The DREAM Act which would allow undocumented students to continue their post secondary education and learn legal status in the United States


Call Senator Durbin and Senator Obama and encourage them to continue supporting legislation that includes a path to legalization and a realistic fix to the broken system. It is very simple! When you call, the operator will:

  1. ask for your name
  2. Zip code
  3. your comment

Senator Durbin’s office: 312 353-4952

Senator Obama’s office: 312 886-3506

– END –