CAIR-Chicago Represents Local University Student Falsely Imprisoned

CAIR-Chicago facilitated a resolution at a local university after campus police unnecessarily detained a Muslim student for several hours. The university police took the student outside of class, searched his bags without his permission and detained him for 2.5 hours without notifying him of his right to leave. The reason for the search and detainment was unfounded. CAIR-Chicago met with the head of the university’s police, a representative from student affairs, the university student body president and the student himself to resolve the issue and address the illegal acts that occurred. CAIR-Chicago worked with the group and negotiated a public apology to be sent via email to the Student Post to all students, faculty and administration clearing the student of any fault, recognizing the university police violated proper procedures, and ensuring that university policies will be set to change regarding student searches. CAIR-Chicago and the student himself will be involved in the composition of the public apology to ensure that it clarifies the student’s innocence and the university understands the severity of their actions by accepting responsibility of its wrong doing.

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