CAIR Launches ‘Muslims Care’ Volunteerism Campaign

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 5/25/06) – CAIR today called on American Muslims to support its second annual campaign, called “Muslims Care,” designed to promote volunteerism in the Islamic community.

In the summer-long initiative, CAIR will offer Muslims the resources and information they need to help improve the communities in which they live. This year, CAIR will again ask Muslims across the country to focus on health awareness, helping the needy and activities for youth.

Visitors to CAIR’s campaign website,, will be able to download a toolkit containing information about how to become a volunteer and suggesting volunteer activities such as blood drives, health awareness fairs and student tutoring. CAIR is suggesting that community members visit the “Muslims Care” website to submit local volunteer opportunities and see what activities are available in their state.

The “Muslims Care” kit also offers advice to Islamic religious leaders about how they can promote volunteerism in local mosques and suggests partnering with established volunteer groups such as the American Cancer Society and Big Brother/Big Sisters.

Local Islamic leaders and imams are being encouraged to give Friday sermons on the importance of volunteerism. The “Muslims Care” toolkit has sample verses from the Quran and hadith to incorporate in the sermons.

“As Muslims, we are encouraged to work to improve the communities in which we live,” said CAIR Communication Coordinator Rabiah Ahmed.

Ahmed cited a recently-conducted CAIR opinion survey showing that a majority of Americans said they would change their views about Islam and Muslims if they perceived that Muslims were more concerned about issues such as healthcare, education and the economy.


1) Download the “Muslims Care” toolkit from:

2) Search the website for volunteer opportunities in your area or contact your local CAIR office for volunteer opportunities.

3) Submit volunteer activities that are occurring locally so that CAIR can share those activities with others.

4) Form a “Muslims Care” committee to coordinate Muslim volunteerism efforts in your community.

5) Come up with your own volunteer activities. For example, Muslim physicians could offer blood pressure screenings at houses of worship.

6) Encourage local leaders and imams to give Friday sermons on the importance of volunteerism. See the “Muslims Care” toolkit for sample verses of the Quran and hadith to incorporate in your khutba.

7) Document and report all local campaign activities by sending articles with photos to: