Islamic Center of Bloomington Installs New Security System

Following a particularly heinous act of attempted arson, the Islamic Center of Bloomington has invested in a new security system which hopes to increase the overall safety of the community. A rock was thrown through the window of the Islamic Center of Bloomington on July 9, 2005. Liquid “accelerant” was also poured and ignited through a lower-level window, and a charred copy of the Qur‘an was found outside the mosque. While fire was extinguished by a local resident before it could do major damage, the incident left worshipers and community members assessing their own security. Despite parse evidence and a lack of suspects, the city of Bloomington police and fire departments worked in conjunction with FBI agents and CAIR-Chicago in an attempt to apprehend the perpetrators. Ultimately, investigators have thus far been unable to apprehend a suspect, but the incident served to unite the broader Bloomington community as the Mosque received the support of local religious and civic groups. Internally, the Islamic Center of Bloomington has raised enough funds for a new and improved security system which will help increase the overall safety of the Mosque and its congregants.

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