Yaser Tabbara to Receive Community Builders Award for Excellence in Community Service

Community Builders is pleased to announce that Yaser Tabbara Esq retired Executive Director of CAIR Chicago will be the recipient of the 2006 Community Builders Award for Excellence in Community Service. The award will be presented at Community Builders Annual Banquet to be held this Saturday at the Ramada Plaza Hotel O’Hare.

The following is a text of Community Builders proclamation accompanying the Award.

“After taking over as Executive Director of CAIR Chicago about 2 years ago, Yaser Tabbara was instrumental in revitalizing that chapter by bringing new talent and resources into it. Shortly thereafter CAIR Chicago became the concience of troubled Muslims and the leading voice for Muslim civil rights in the Chicago area. Through his quiet demeanour, his determined resolve and his fearless pursuit for fairness and justice, he earned the love and admiration of both his colleagues at work and the community he served.

Yaser Tabbara was CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director for a relatively brief time. But in that short time was packed the accomplishments that would by most standards be labelled amazing.

Yaser is a Chicago attorney with an established record of serving the community. Previously, Yaser was the coordinator of the Iraq project at DePaul University College of Law, where he worked on rebuilding the legal education system in Iraq under the direction of Prof. M. Cherif Bassiouni. Prior to that, Yaser initiated the Post 9/11 Immigrant Legal Rights Project at the Midwest Immigrant and Human Rights Center, where he provided free and low-cost legal representation, as well as outreach and education on immigration law and civil liberties to our community.

Throughout his work in the public domain, Yaser has exemplified for us excellence in planning and excellence in execution, so essential for us to emulate, in order to obtain successful outcomes in our own fields of endeavour. Powerful lessons from a powerful leader.

As we honor him with the “2006 Community Builders Award for Excellence in Community Service”, we wish him continued success in the future and invoke the blessings of Allah upon him.”

Community Builders

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