Building Faith in Orland Park

In response to the Chicago Tribune article
New Mosque a Labor of Love

Reading uplifting stories in the Chicago Tribune is nothing new to me. Neither is reading uplifting stories about Muslims. However, reading uplifting stories about Muslims in the Tribune, astounding! In this light, I wish to applaud Tribune Staff Reporter Jason George for his enlightened article about the creation of the Prayer Center of Orland park (Local News, June 22).

It was so refreshing for me as a Muslim-American to see this article telling me about the wonderful achievements of my brothers and sisters in Bridgeview, creating this house of prayer.

Unlike many colleagues, Mr. George appears to appreciate the fact that most Muslim-Americans are not screaming fanatics, but are instead generally potent, yet serene in their observance of their peaceful religion. Creating a mosque is not an exercise of hate—hardly the fostering of a Citadel of Pain and Torture for Orland Park—but a ‘labor of love.’

The center will be a lifeline for the Muslims of Orland Park and a source for interfaith understanding. Mosques are not the places we, as Muslims, go to scheme and plot; they are the places we go to seek solace and refuge in God, meet our brothers, discuss our faith and help faltering members of our community. Jason George seems to understand that, and for this I applaud him.