Conspicuously Absent

In response to the Chicago Tribune article: “Coulter ridicules widows of 9/11”

I was deeply disappointed when I opened the Chicago Tribune to find that extremist commentator Ann Coulter had resorted to baiting the widows of terrorism victims to sell copies of her new book, reported in “Coulter ridicules widows of 9/11” (June 8).

For her to single out women whose husbands died in a terrorist attack and vilely accuse them of “enjoying their husband’s deaths” is not only insensitive, it is outright offensive.

Coulter has made a living off of outrageous statements and dubious claims, some of which were noted in the article. While it would be a monumental effort to list each and every ridiculous thing Coulter has said, I felt it was a gross oversight not to mention her disgraceful comments about Muslims and Islam over the years.

She has made overtly racist comments about how Muslims “smell bad,” are “rag heads” and suggested that rather than be allowed to use conventional air travel they instead “could use flying carpets.”

The overwhelming majority of Muslims across the world (especially American Muslims) are peaceful individuals who bear the weight of these kinds of bigoted epithets without anyone in the media sticking up for them. The report’s conspicuous exclusion of the fact Islam and Muslims suffer the brunt of Coulter’s acidic rhetoric leads one to believe that bigotry is acceptable, as long as Muslims are the target.