Court Approves CAIR-Chicago’s Sensitivity Training Program

The Bridgeview Courthouse accepted a proposal for a 40-hour sensitivity training and community service program with CAIR-Chicago as part of the sentence given to an 18 year old man charged with battery.

CAIR-Chicago’s Attorney Heena Musabji proposed this program as part of a plea bargain offer in a case concerning an incident at a McDonald’s play area in which a young man removed a woman’s hijab.

Veronica Zapata is in charge of the sensitivity training program and hopes that this program fosters a sense of respect and understanding in individuals. The program is geared towards best informing individuals about how to interact with Muslims and learn about the Muslim community.

This is CAIR-Chicago’s first attempt at implementing such a program. Furthermore, the Court is interested in teaming up with CAIR-Chicago in the future in order to use this program for future offenders.

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