High School Student Gives Presentation on CAIR-Chicago Internship Experience

On Tuesday June 6th, CAIR-Chicago intern, Musab Siddiqui from North Shore Country Day School, (a preparatory high school founded in 1919 by a group of parents who wanted to provide their children with the quality of education found in eastern boarding schools) presented a heartfelt account of his experience as a CAIR-Chicago intern for his Senior Service Project.

Siddiqui articulated the mission of CAIR-Chicago’s civil liberties work and highlighted events that he encountered as a Communications intern. The Senior Service Project culminated with an evening of presentations from North Shore seniors about the community service work they engaged in over their summer internship programs.

Testimonial from North Shore Country Day School:

Dear Mr. Rehab and Mr. Muhammad,

June 2006

Thank you for hosting Musab Siddiqui for his senior project this past May. Working with CAIR was clearly an inspirational experience for Musab; he spoke passionately about your work at the senior service presentation evening. I especially enjoyed meeting Mr. Muhammad that night. I suspect that you and CAIR have inspired Musab to more activism, and I am extremely pleased that he was able to give to the community in this way. I’m looking forward to continued partnerships with CAIR.

With gratitude,

Ms. Drea Gallaga

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