CAIR-Chicago Co-Sponsors its Second Annual June Blood Drive with Local Islamic Organizations

CAIR-Chicago and local Islamic organizations co-sponsored a series of blood drives in the Greater Chicagoland area that commenced this June. This is the second year that CAIR-Chicago participated in this event.

This year’s blood drives were held at the American Islamic Association of Frankfort, the Downtown Islamic Center, the Bridgeview Youth Center under the sponsorship of the Mosque Foundation, and the Islamic Society of Northwester Suburbs.

Today, Lifesource representatives were present downtown to process blood donations at the drive’s final venue, the Downtown Islamic Center.

“Considering the scarcity of blood available for transfusions, I was glad to donate blood today.” said CAIR-Chicago’s Sabah Ahmed, after donating the first pint of blood at the Downtown Islamic Center today, “I think it’s great to see local Muslim organizations making opportunities like these available for the community.”

The following organizations co-sponsored the June 2006 Blood Drive: American Islamic Association, CAIR-Chicago, Compassionate Care Network, Downtown Islamic Center, Islamic Society of Northwest Suburbs, Mosque Foundation, Muslim Community Center, and Muslims Care.

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