CAIR-Chicago Assists Local Muslim Community in Addressing "No-Parking" Regulations Targeting Muslims Attending Friday Prayer Services

The Muslim community of a local suburb was outraged at their village’s decision to enact “No Parking” signs in a residential area near the mosque they attend. The signs would have prohibited parking in the area on Fridays from 12-3pm.

The village stated that the reason for their decision to enact the new parking law was because of Muslims who would park in the residential area and trespass upon private property in order to walk to the mosque.

Although residents of the area, many of whom are Muslim, say that there is an issue of trespass, they assert that trespass occurs on their properties on a daily basis by people not only attending mosque, but the local public school and ball games in the vicinity as well.

The Muslim community in the area felt that the new parking law unfairly targeted Muslims, and did not address the trespass problem in its entirety. CAIR-Chicago advised the community members to approach their village representatives about their concerns.

Tuesday evening, community members addressed their concerns to some village representatives, who indicated willingness to resolve the problem. As a result, village representatives discussed more general parking laws that would deal with the trespassing problem in its entirety, and postponed the installation of more of the “No Parking” signs until a decision is reached. CAIR-Chicago encourages Muslims to engage their local and federal government representatives, as the members of this community have done.

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