CAIR-Chicago Continues to Support the Rights of Hotel Workers Negotiations with the Hilton

CAIR-Chicago joined the “Hotel Workers Rising” Campaign earlier on this month. In addition to this campaign, our Legal Advisor Maaria Mozaffar has been in negotiations with a local Hilton Hotel concerning a complaint of discrimination received from a Muslim employee.

The Muslim employee was terminated from his job after having tendered his resignation to his supervisors the day before. The employee chose to leave his job because of derogatory treatment by his supervisors.

In a meeting with the management, the employee received an apology from the supervisors. However, Mozaffar compiled complaints from other employees of the hotel alleging mistreatment. The complaints were targeted primarily towards two supervisors, and pertained to employees not being able to take proper breaks and managers cursing at employees.

Upon seeing the complaints alleged by employees, the head supervisor agreed to immediately address the complaints. However, after an initial change in the management’s behavior, employees reported that the management returned their derogatory treatment. CAIR-Chicago will continue to monitor this situation in order to insure that the Hilton follows through on addressing these complaints.

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