CAIR-Chicago Governmental Relations Coordinator Presents on Civic Engagement

CAIR-Chicago Governmental Relation Coordinator Sadiya Ahmed gave a presentation to a group of 20 students at Northwestern University about actively engaging students in the political process on Thursday, October 26, 2006 at the Norris Student Center at Northwestern University.

Ahmed, after asking attendees a series of questions, from their age, citizenship status, and state of residence, also asked them why they did not vote regularly. She outlined the process of voting, the importance of voting, and the neccesity to go the extra mile and become involved in the political scene.

“I think it was a very positive event. The students were able to talk about their concerns and ask about what they can do to help. It is empowering to know that there are youth out there who care about some issues as deeply as we all do,” said Ahmed.

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