CAIR-Chicago Rejects Settlement Offer

CAIR-Chicago’s attorney Rima Kapitan attended a status hearing on behalf of a Muslim man seeking to correct a clerical error through a “nunc pro tunc” order.

The previous judge had entered the wrong judgment in the case. CAIR-Chicago asked the court to correct this error in order to proceed with the appeal process.

Upon this request, the City of Chicago offered a settlement by reducing the fine to $100. However, the Muslim man refused this settlement offer on moral grounds and chose to pursue further litigation. The man was detained by police for seven hours after having been pulled over for an alleged traffic violation. While at the police station, officers made derogatory comments toward the man such as “what does your Quran say about speeding.”

CAIR-Chicago is currently in the process of appealing the citations that were issued to the Muslim man as a result of the traffic stop.

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