CAIR-Chicago Files IDHR Complaint After Three Middle Eastern Men were Kicked-Out of McDonalds

CAIR-Chicago Volunteer Attorney Rima Kapitan filed amended charges of discrimination with the Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR). The charges were initially filed after three Middle Eastern men were forcibly removed from the Rock n’ Roll McDonalds in downtown Chicago. The charges were amended on February 9 per the request of IDHR.

The men entered the McDonalds restaurant speaking Assyrian, a Middle Eastern language, and were waiting in line to order when security guards belligerently approached the men and began to yell. The men were called “camel jockeys” and “terrorists” by the guards, and were forcibly removed from the restaurant. When one of the men protested by saying that they were law-abiding individuals, the officers stated that it did not matter because they were still “terrorists” and should “go back to [their] own country.” The officers also commented that the three men had no right to speak to American girls.

CAIR-Chicago will continue its representation of the men in the matter.

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