CAIR-Chicago's Third Annual Event a Success!

Watch the new CAIR-Chicago promo, courtesy of Emmy Award Winner Alif Muhammad and team

CAIR-Chicago’s 3rd Annual Event, held last Sunday evening, was a stunning success both in the numbers and diversity displayed.

A full house of 943 people included members of Chicago land’s Muslim community, mosque leaders, public officials, the FBI, law enforcement, members of the media, and friends from other faith communities.

The diversity was hard to miss with an equal mix of South Asian and Arab, and a significant constituency from Chicago’s notable African-American Muslim community led by Imam WD Muhammad. There was a strong showing from Shia Muslims, as well as from Egyptian Copts.

Over 60 institutions were represented including every major mosque in metropolitan Chicago, Christian and Jewish not-for-profits, and organizations like ICIRR, Human Rights Watch and the Human Development Foundation.

“Because of its commitment to the common good, CAIR-Chicago is impressive in its ability to bring together such a diverse crowd of people,” said Azam Nizamuddin, a prominent Chicago lawyer attending the dinner.

Speakers included CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab; CAIR National’s Chairman, Dr. Parvez Ahmed; Guest Speaker Congressman Danny Davis, and Keynote Speaker, Professor David Cole.

The emcee for the evening was IFYC’s Dr. Eboo Patel.

CAIR-Chicago’s Chairman, Safaa Zarzour and Civil Rights Coordinator Christina Abraham presented awards to ABC 7’s Leah Hope (media award), and community members Faisal Khan (courage award) and Azam Azeem (community service award). Member organizations of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) officially thanked Congressman Davis for his immigration reform efforts. Sheikh Kifah Mustapha of the Mosque Foundation led the fundraising efforts.

A David Cole book signing and sale at the reception sold out.

The event entitled “Rising to the Challenge” sought to promote constructive citizenship and community empowerment via healthy civic engagement and youth leadership development.

At the conclusion of the event, more than 75 youth activists comprising CAIR-Chicago’s staff, interns, and volunteers gathered on the stage for a standing ovation.

CAIR-Chicago’s board wishes to thank the community for its wonderful display of support, we look forward to serving you in another great year filled with new and exciting acheivements, God willing.

Watch the new CAIR-Chicago promo, courtesy of Emmy Award Winner Alif Muhammad and team

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