CAIR-Chicago Outreach Coordinator Participates in Islam Awareness Week at Benedictine University

As part of Islam Awareness Week, Outreach Coordinator Dina Rehab, spoke on the headscarf worn by Muslim women, known as the hijab. Rehab explained the term hijab to stem from the Arabic root word “hajaba” and explained the guidelines of hijab in Islam. Rehab also discussed the various Quranic verses which are commonly associated with the belief that the hijab is ordained in Islam.

Rehab contrasted the hijab with the head covering practiced by Mary, nuns, Orthodox Jewish women, as well as Amish women. She also explained the spiritual and practical reasons behind the headscarf. To provide a more thorough understanding of the concept, pictures of the various cultural applications of wearing the hijab were shown to discuss the varying interpretations from one culture to the next in fulfilling the guidelines of the hijab.

Islam Awareness Week (IAW) is a week-long series of lectures, workshops, and seminars intended to provide an easy, readily-accessible and accurate channel for knowledge of Islam and Muslims.

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