Herald News: Religious forum set to tackle violence

JOLIET — A local forum will seek to address violence in today’s world by giving representatives to the three monotheistic religions of the Old Testament an opportunity to discuss their religion and answer questions from the audience.

The forum will be hosted at 6 p.m. April 26 by First Presbyterian Church, 805 Western Ave.

The goal is to encourage better understanding and greater appreciation of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Representatives of each faith will present their religions.

Moderator of the discussion will be Aaron Johnson, professor of classical studies at Loyola University.

Panelists for the forum will be Rabbi Josef Germaine, Joliet Jewish Congregation; John Balluff, professor at University of St. Francis; and Ahmed Rehab, executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Each panelist will give a 10-minute opening statement. The order of speakers will be Muslim, Jew and Christian.

A 45-minute question-and-answer session will follow. Each speaker will then give a five-minute closing.

The cost of the dinner meeting is $8. Reservations are required by Monday by calling the church office at (815) 727-9259.

Proceeds from the event will aid the church’s program to fund the purchase of school supplies for low-income students at Farragut School.


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