Stop the Diatribe

In response to the Chicago-Tribune article: “Ignore them, and be spared the drama”

Reading the work of Kathleen Parker one might get the impression through her conspicuous intellect and confident voice that she speaks with academic authority on the issues for which she writes.

Like a voice of the American people, sitting from her electronic pedestal, she sculpts our view of Muslims with such surety and apparent knowledge, that the typical American, who knows little about Islam and Muslims in general, would be easily convinced that indeed all 1.4 billion Muslims on the planet work together like a small band of thugs – violent and uncivilized. No, wait, better yet, let’s use some of her most recent lingo, “insane,” and in fact are the enemy of Westerners.

I wonder how her personal matrix of standards rest at night with the overt demonizing of an entire religious group that she routinely engages- a group that constitutes one quarter of the population on the planet. Her use of generalizing phrases such as “by the Muslims, Muslim intimidation” and “outraged Muslims” in her most recent divisive piece might be written off as ignorance if authored by someone who has never heard of or met a Muslim in his/her life. An educated, accomplished journalist can certainly not be granted such immunity. Therefore, one can only conclude that Parker has an overt bias.

She seems uninterested in using her journalistic talents to mold a peaceful American landscape. Instead, she chooses to sign her name to antagonistic and down right atrociously inaccurate analysis of Muslims.

No you say? She’s just calling it like it is? If one sincerely believes that all Muslims somehow deserve to be grouped together and, like Parker, are comfortable saying so to millions of readers nationwide, you might want to check your bigot meter.

I respectfully ask for Parker to choose to positively embrace American ideals of our Constitution; and to stop her hateful diatribe that maligns an entire people based on their religious beliefs.