Executive Director, Guest Lecturer at Chicago Cultural Center World Religions Course

What: Facets of the Spirit, A World Religions course at the Chicago Cultural Center

Where: The Chicago Cultural Center
78 E Washington St Chicago, IL 60602-4801

When: Wednesday, August 8 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.


Father Andrew Greeley, noted Catholic thinker and novelist, tells us that religion begins in experience. As we have all become world citizens–by choice or necessity–we are challenged to empathize with religious experience which differs from ours. What similarities and harmonies exist which would point to a spiritual sister/brotherhood across cultures? At the same time, we may seek a deeper understanding of our own unique religious identity, collective and individual.

Join us as we explore religious experience with an eye to sameness and difference. Dorothy Jerome will guide the discussion. Since religion is a part of life, stories, humor, video, poetry and art will also play their part.

In addition, we look forward to welcoming as guest speaker Mr. Ahmed Rehab, Director, Council on American Islamic Relations.

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