CAIR-Chicago Reps Chosen as Next Generation Fellows

Feature 203CAIR’s Ahmed Rehab and Yaser Tabbara have been selected as Next Generation Fellows of the American Assembly; the pair participated in the Midwest conference of the Assembly, October 18-20, 2007, in Chicago, IL.

The American Assembly, founded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1950, is affiliated with Columbia University. The Assembly is a national, nonpartisan public affairs forum that illuminates issues of public policy by commissioning research and publications, sponsoring meetings, and issuing reports, books, and other literature. Its projects bring together leading authorities representing a broad spectrum of views, interests, and backgrounds.

The Next Generation Project is premised on the belief that new voices and fresh ideas will strengthen the nation’s discussion of U.S. global policy and the future of international institutions. As part of the project, The Assembly identifies emerging leaders from professional and demographic sectors that have traditionally been underrepresented in foreign policy discussions, and bring them together at meetings across the country to generate new ideas about U.S. global policy and the future of international institutions; influence discussions about the future of America’s role in the world; and cultivate new policy networks.

Rehab and Tabbara joined key young leaders from the media, academia, government, the non-for-profit sphere, and the private sector in the discussions held at the Midwest conference of the assembly at Northwestern University’s downtown campus.

“American Muslims are concerned with issues that affect all communities, not just their own. Foreign policy and the process of government are two key areas that together carry a major stake in our collective future,” said Yaser Tabbara, CAIR’s national director of chapter development, “it’s important that we get them right.”

The Next Generation fellows of the Midwest Assembly vowed to remain connected via an alumni association.

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