CAIR-Chicago Welcomes Center for Interfaith Engagement at DePaul University

CAIR-Chicago joined DePaul University students, faculty, staff and invited guests in welcoming the department’s new Center for Interreligious Engagement (C.I.E.). The center’s inaugural event featured a panel discussion on “Bridging Religious Divides: Reports from the Field.” It included religious leaders representing the Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and Buddhist faiths active in interfaith efforts, community activism and outreach.

Each panelist reflected on their personal interactions with members of all faiths and the need for more tolerance and sincerity between people of all faiths. The respondents discussed ways behaviors and ideas regarding relationships between faith members can be improved for the better.

The panel included Rabbi Bruce Elder, Congregation Hakafa; Rev. Jessica Vasquez-Torres, Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice; and Dr. Mohammad Essawi, Al-Qasemi Islamic College of Education, Baqa Al-Garbia, Israel. The respondents were Rev. Koyo S. Kubose, Bright Dawn Institute for American Buddhism; and Dr. Eboo Patel, Director, Interfaith Youth Core. Dr. Rosalind Hinton, Assistant Professor in the Department of Religious Studies, served as moderator. Among those in attendance were CAIR-Chicago Outreach Coordinator Gerald Hankerson, and the CAIR-Oklahoma Executive Director Razi Hashmi.

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