CAIR-Chicago Lecture at Claremont Colleges, California: “Islam Explained”

The Claremont Colleges MSA is pleased to welcome Ahmed Rehab, the Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago, for a talk titled, ” Islam Explained” Rehab’s lecture aims to explain the central tenets of Islam as well as to dispel misconceptions that cloud the image of a faith that has more than one billion adherents worldwide. Following his lecture will be a question-and-answer session that will answer whatever questions are still riddling audience members’ minds. Through this talk, both the Claremont Colleges MSA and Rehab hope to re-educate the community about Islam, for with education comes understanding, and with understanding comes a greater appreciation for the global community. The event will be held in the Mary Pickford Auditorium at Claremont McKenna College at 7pm on November 2.

What: Executive Director to Speak at Claremont Colleges, California

When: November 2, 2007; 7:00 pm

Where: Mary Pickford Auditorium

Sponsor: Claremont Colleges’ Muslim Students Association



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