Chicago’s Radio Islam Deserves Spotlight

In response to the Chicago-Tribune article: “Illegal abroad, hate Web sites thrive here”

Tuesday’s front page article on “hate Web sites” does a poor job of differentiating between Chicago’s own respected community institution, Radio Islam on WCEV 1450 AM, and the foul fringe website masquerading by the same web name and featured in the article. One runs with the support of hundreds of thousands of Chicagoland Muslims, is one of the only daily Muslim talk show in the nation, and regularly brings informed voices for peace and understanding with honorable guests such as Dr. Rabbi Herman E. Schaalman and Dr. Arun Gandhi; the other is an anonymous site hosted by unknown person(s), whose bigotry is diametrically opposed to the work of our local station.

Hate-mongers thriving over the anonymity of the internet is a serious issue deserving coverage, but our respected station does not deserve to be confused with the very bigotry it works against. The brief aside on an inside page fails to confirm firsthand the good standing reputation of Chicago’s Radio Islam.

I expect better journalism from the Chicago Tribune. A detailed correction and fair coverage of Chicago’s own Radio Islam are in order.