"Do Your Part", CAIR Launches 2008 Voting Initiative

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Feature 205CAIR recently launched the “Do Your Part” initiative in preparation for the 2008 elections. The initiative promotes active participation and public education of the American-Muslim community. “Each election cycle America’s Muslims become better organized and more savvy about asserting our voice into our nation’s electoral dialogue,” said CAIR National Legislative Director Corey Saylor. “This is a community that is excited about the contributions our strong family values and foreign policy insights can make to this nation.”

The initiative is centered on the belief that active participation, such as voting, goes hand in hand with public education. According to the initiative, voting allows the public to choose the direction of the country by choosing the leader who best shares the collective vision. “Making educated decisions about the direction of this country is essential to making a positive difference,” said CAIR-Chicago’s Governmental Relations Coordinator, Sadiya Ahmed. CAIR-Chicago’s Government Affairs Department continuously works to help community members understand and utilize the political system to make it work for them. Projects include voter registration drives, community workshops, “know your rights” educational campaigns, and training in mosques and Muslim centers on how to contact local and national politicians.

The newly launched website for the “Do Your Part” initiative, www.cair2008election.com, will provide information about the candidates and their positions on particular issues. The site will be updated with new developments and events regarding the political race. In addition, it will soon feature a blog and voter guides.

The Civic Participation Handbook featured in the initiative and readily available on the website stresses the importance of communities uniting to make sure that their voices are heard by their elected representatives. Exercising the right to vote is one of the main tools identified by the handbook towards standing strong and being part of the solution. The section titled, “One vote counts,” stresses the impact of individual actions, especially as part of an entire community.

CAIR emphasizes civic participation and regularly puts out handbooks and guides that inform and educate the public about getting involved.

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