CAIR-Chicago Civil Rights Director Participates in Pegasus Project at Senn High School

Feature 214CAIR-Chicago Civil Rights Director, Christina Abraham, will join a new project to educate high school students about constitutional civil rights. Abraham will be teaching students about issues such as free speech and equal protection and will discuss landmark cases regarding these issues.

The project, entitled the “Acting Free” Program, encourages the creative application of what the students learn by helping them to develop plays on related topics. The Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights (CCDBR) initiated the program in collaboration with the Pegasus Theater, a not-for-profit theatre company in Chicago. As a member of the advisory board for CCDBR, Abraham will remain involved in the program for its duration.

“I think it’s important to teach high school students about civil rights and ingrain in them a sense of consciousness of these issues because they’re at an age where they can understand their rights and the implications of these rights and apply them to the world,” said Abraham. “Hopefully this pushes them to be more active citizens.”

CCDBR has fought for 43 years against government encroachment on constitutional rights in all its forms. The Chicago Committee began its work struggling to disband the House Committee on unAmerican Activities (HUAC). It played a major role in the opposition to Chicago Police “Red Squad” spying in the seventies and in 2003 helped facilitate the passage of the Chicago City Council Resolution against The Patriot Act.

CAIR-Chicago works to ensure that civil rights are being upheld and honored by educating the public about their rights and defending those who have been wronged. The high volume of cases consistently seen by the Civil Rights Department at CAIR-Chicago illustrates the continuing need for citizens to have access to legal representation regarding their civil rights and the growing trust in CAIR-Chicago to represent its clients.

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