CAIR-Chicago Co-Sponsors Protest of Boeing Corporation’s “Torture Flights”

After a rally at the place of the Boeing Annual Shareholder’s meeting, CAIR-Chicago Civil Rights Director Christina Abraham spoke at a press conference calling for the Boeing Corporation to immediately cease its role in facilitating the rendition and torture of detainees in U.S. custody. Below is the statement Abraham delivered on behalf of CAIR-Chicago and the Coalition to Ground Boeing Torture Flights:

“The Coalition to Ground Boeing Torture Flights calls upon the Boeing Corporation to immediately stop facilitating the illegal rendition and torture of individuals. Their role has been more than complicit; they have aided an abetted in the trampling of the principles this country, and indeed the international community. Namely, that every individual is entitled to due process and to be free from subjection to torture, whether in war time or in peace time, and no matter how heinous the alleged crime.

“Jeppesen Dataplan, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Boeing Corporation. Jeppesen has sold to the CIA direct flight services that enabled the delivery of detainees in U.S. custody to “black sites” across the world where other governments and CIA operatives arranged and carried out their torture. It is unlikely that this could have been carried out without the knowledge and consent of Jeppesen or Boeing.

“This nation was founded on the principle that torture is ineffective and immoral, that every individual is innocent until proven guilty, and that every person accused is entitled to due process of law. It does not suffice that our government can escape having to uphold those principles embodied in our law by merely sending these detainees to other places that do not share those principles. It is also unacceptable that corporations that profit from the patronage and labor of our citizenry trample on those principles for profit.”

The Coalition to Ground Boeing Torture Flights will continue to work towards raising public awareness of Boeing’s role in torture flights and call upon Boeing to stop facilitating illegal rendition and torture.

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