Lars Larson National Show: Ahmed Rehab of CAIR Refutes False Claims about Islam and Senator Obama (AUDIO)

LISTEN: Ahmed Rehab of CAIR refutes false claims about Islam and Senator Obama

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CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab refutes Edward Luttwack’s recent New York Times op-ed claiming Obama is an apostate and may be rejected or targeted by parts of the Muslim world.


“The problem with this piece is that it’s extremely theoretical, and even in its theory, it’s incorrect.”

“It’s a matter of the heart. You are free to choose your faith and Muslims and Islam respect that.”

“The Muslim world is diverse, it is nuanced, and this article was not. It was simplistic. It was sensationalist. It looked at the aberration,[and] projected it as the norm, and I think that’s a disservice to the readers.”

“The great majority of Muslims, the average man or woman on the street will, in my view, find Obama to be a popular figure that they admire based on his performance as president, based on his character, based on his policies, based on how he delivers his speeches, [and] how he reaches out to the world. That’s what they care about.”

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