Muslim Man Wrongfully Terminated, CAIR-Chicago Attorney Settles Case

Feature 248A man who was physically attacked after being singled out for his race and religion at work, took his case to court and successfully settled.

This June, a disabled Pakistani Muslim man who experienced employment discrimination reached a settlement with his employer. Represented by CAIR-Chicago attorney Tricia Kemling, the man was able to receive back payments of his salary and recovered his job.

The man, who has a back injury and is legally deaf, was on his break when a co-worker attacked him with a broomstick. In self defense, the man tried to restrain his attacker without throwing any blows himself. This was not the first incident of discrimination and previous verbal harassment had occurred.

When the scene finally settled, the supervisor accused the CAIR-Chicago client of being at fault, and posed a question about his national origin. The man was suspended, and was forced to find another job in order to support himself.

CAIR-Chicago filed a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on his behalf and continues to represent him.

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