CAIR-Chicago Hosts Telling Our Story Media Seminar

Feature 249CAIR-Chicago led a media training seminar this week entitled “Telling Our Story,” designed for communications professionals, community advocates, faith leaders, and spokespersons. The seminar focused on the mainstream media and how it relates to Islam in America. The seminar also presented practical tips on how to communicate with the media effectively and produce stories that relate to American Muslims.

The seminar, held at DePaul University on July, 22, 2008, was attended by local student and community leaders representing the breadth of the Muslim community including representatives from CIOGC, IMAN, IFYC, ICNA, MSA, AMAL, Community Builders, and local mosques.

CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director Ahmed Rehab and Communications Coordinator Reem Rahman led discussions on the current media landscape and offered best communication practices for producing positive public relations. The presentations provided a thorough and researched evaluation on the portrayal of Muslims in the media, and this served as the basis for evaluating what changes must be made and which strategies to implement in bringing about such changes.

CAIR-Chicago’s Reem Rahman said, “The seminar was a good opportunity to share hard-earned tips, insights, and effective methods of engaging media with those who most need them.”

The seminar was one of a two part series which CAIR-Chicago plans to host.