CAIR-Chicago Ramadan Outreach 2008 Digest

During this blessed month, CAIR-Chicago’s Ramadan Outreach program has worked to meet with various mosques and Islamic centers in the Chicagoland area and beyond.

CAIR-Chicago embraces the special importance of the month of Ramadan.As an institution that seeks to serve Muslims as a tool for community empowerment, we have been seeking to connect with our former and future constituents by visiting various mosques to introduce our organization.

It is our goal to provide outreach and seek support for our services through as many communities as possible during this month, and as Ramadan comes to a close, we take inventory of our recent visits to local communities:

We would like to thank each of our host masjids and centers for their participation, and hope to reach even more Muslims throughout the year and in the next Ramadan.

For more information on CAIR-Chicago’s Outreach program, contact Dina Rehab

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