Pregnant Woman Reports Harassment and Denial of Service at Chicago Airport

Feature 325A Muslim woman, visiting Chicago, was refused service at the baggage check in station at the airport on her way back home to the west coast.

After no explanation as to why she was being refused service, the woman demanded to speak to a supervisor at which point she was grabbed by the arm and pushed out of the way by one of the airline’s contracted employees; the woman is eight months pregnant.

Upon requesting to file charges against the employee, the woman was told that she could not do so because the employee was contracted by another company; her complaint would have to be filed with that company.

She also missed her flight and was informed that in order to get on the next flight out she would have to pay a $150 fee.

CAIR-Chicago has instructed the woman to file charges against the airline with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR), and will take whatever steps deemed necessary to resolve the matter.

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