Baltimore Muslim Examiner: Muslim woman harassed by security officer at Citibank

Examiner.comA security officer at Citibank in Gresham, Illinois apparently told a Muslim woman that bank policy did not allow customers to wear a headscarf while transacting business. Although another Citibank employee provided the woman service, the security officer escorted her to the counter and hovered over her and made anti-Muslim remarks while she made her transaction.

The Chicago Chapter of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) reported that the security officer stated that providing service to this woman would encourage more of them to use the bank. The bank customer said that the security officer made other anti-Muslim remarks and that the experience was “humiliating”.

Yesterday (Dec. 9), CAIR-Chicago called Citibank, asking for an apology to the bank customer, a review of bank policies related to religious attire, and diversity training for employees.

This is not the first time a woman wearing a headscarf has faced discrimination at a U.S. bank. See, for example, Muslim woman denied service over head scarf to get apology and Credit Union Apologizes to Woman Over Head Scarf.

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