Fox News: Rehab Discusses Body Scanners and Racial Profiling

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“Critics argue when you think about it, for the most part, all of the people who try to blow airliners out of the sky look alike,” Doocy said.

“False,” rejoined Council on Islamic-American Relations spokesman Ahmed Rehab. “False information. Not true. The last guy — I mean, we don’t have to go far. The last guy that tried to take down a plane was a young African. And in the past, prior to that incident, we were looking for Middle eastern-looking men. Next time it could be an Asian guy.

“So no,” Rehab added, “they don’t always look alike.”

“Right,” Doocy replied, backtracking. “And you could go back a number of years and it was Timothy McVeigh, a blond hair, blue eyed guy.”

“Or Richard Reid, who was half Jamaican, half British,” said Rehab.