CAIR-Chicago Honors Fallen Police Officers

Police Ceremony PhotoCAIR-Chicago participated in the Honored Star Case Ceremony held at the Chicago Police Headquarters Building on Tuesday, March 2. The ceremony, which was hosted by the Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis, honored 11 fallen officers who died in the line of duty between 1853 and 2008.

Among those honored were Police Officer Michael Robbins, who died in 2008 as a result of complications from a 1994 shooting, and Detective Roy Carney, who was fatally shot while attempting to stop an armed robbery in 1958. Also being honored was Constable James Quinn, who died in 1853 after being severely beaten by a man he was in the process of arresting. These men along with 8 others had their badges retired and placed in the Superintendent’s Honored Star Case in the headquarters’ lobby, located at 3510 S. Michigan Avenue. Family members of the fallen were also in attendance to see their loved one’s badges placed alongside over 200 others from over the years.

“CAIR-Chicago is committed to working with local law enforcement to maintain the safety of our communities,” said Government Affairs Coordinator Reema Ahmad, who attended the ceremony. “Through events such as this one we are able to remember and honor those who have strived to make society safer, and have lost their lives in the process.”

Over the past few years, CAIR-Chicago has worked alongside the Chicago Police Department on various initiatives to ensure a safe environment for the Chicagoland area. This ceremony follows a larger vigil held in September 2009, attended by CAIR-Chicago Outreach Coordinator Gerald Hankerson, that paid tribute to law enforcement officials who sacrificed themselves to uphold their responsibilities as police officers.