Read About the Most Recent Civil Rights Abuses Reported to CAIR-Chicago

October 22, 2010- November 12, 2010:


A Muslim man’s car was shot at as he was backing out of the driveway of a family member’s home. CAIR-Chicago advised the man to contact law enforcement and will continue to monitor the situation.


A Muslim man failed to be considered for a job after employers found out about his Middle-Eastern background. CAIR-Chicago advised him on possible legal options and will continue to monitor the situation closely.

A Muslim college instructor was denied tenure based on his religious background. CAIR-Chicago contacted his employer to resolve the issue and will continue to closely monitor the situation.


A Muslim man was denied citizenship because of issues with his marriage during the process of applying. CAIR-Chicago is looking into the matter and will advise the man of his legal options.

A Muslim organization was contacted by the FBI for questioning. CAIR-Chicago advised the organization and will continue to monitor the situation closely.

A Muslim man was questioned by the FBI about his wife’s interfaith efforts. The Agent tried to use his pending immigration status as leverage. CAIR-Chicago is representing him in both matters.

A Muslim man on a student visa was arrested and the arresting ICE agent allegedly sexually harassed the man’s wife. CAIR-Chicago advised the man and his wife on possible legal options and referred them to an expert immigration attorney.

A Muslim woman’s immigration status came under question and she is at risk of being deported. CAIR-Chicago advised her on her legal options and referred her to an expert immigration attorney.


A Muslim woman was unable to transfer funds from her bank account to her sister’s account in Abu Dhabi for pilgrimage (Hajj). She was questioned by the bank administrative staff, who asked whether her middle initial “M” stands for “Mohammad.” CAIR- Chicago is investigating the matter and will take whatever action deemed necessary.


A Muslim father called CAIR-Chicago to seek advice on how to exempt his daughter from music class. CAIR-Chicago advised him of possible options to address the situation amicably.


Muslim inmate was prevented from performing his Islamic daily prayers,  leading Friday prayer, attending Friday prayer, and fasting during Ramadan while in Prison. CAIR-Chicago is advising him in his lawsuit against the prison.